Chaozhou Teapot - Plum shape (潮州李壶)

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Chaozhou teapots are memory teapots, which means that they absorb the aromatic oils of tea. The more they are used, the more they give back to the teas that are brewed in them. For this reason, a memory teapot is usually dedicated to a single tea family, thus avoiding mixing too many different aromas.

This teapot, in particular, is in the shape of  "Plum", one of the classic shapes. It is made by a student artist who has been refining his art for more than 3 years now. By buying this teapot, you become a patron of his art and assure him the ability to continue his Way to mastery.

- Approximately 120 ml

- Memory teapot 

- Arrives in a transport box as seen on the picture

The teapot is sent directly from China by the artist. It will be this model (Plum), but the artist will make it under reception of your order and it will be dedicated to you. The delivery time may vary.