Meet the painter Martin Beaupré

In this video, discover the painter Martin Beaupré. You will be charmed by the philosophy behind his art.

This video is the first of a series produced by Dao Maison de Thé. In this series, we will explore the state of mind attained in mastery, that state where, in full consciousness, we seem to disappear in favour of our art, where we are one with the action. This mastery is also found everywhere in our daily lives, even in our most trivial actions. Through the encounters you will make through this series, you may discover that you too have already found your Way, your door to this state of mind where only the present moment remains, here and now.

At Maison Dao, it is the Way of Tea that to us creates this door to full consciousness,
whether it is during our travels in Asia to discover new artisanal producers, or when it is time to sit at the tea table to taste

Martin Beaupré:

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